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Aksh (Prince of Persia)
Aksh (Prince of Persia) Sale price$8.00
Ankylosaurus Sale price$60.00
Baby Elephant
Baby Elephant Sale price$12.00
Bird (Friends, purple patches)Bird (Friends, purple patches)
Black Dachshund (brown spots on face)
Black Skeleton Horse
Black Skeleton Horse Sale price$10.00
Blue (2018)
Blue (2018) Sale price$25.00
Blue Dolphin (Friends)
Blue Dolphin (Friends) Sale price$3.00
Brown Cow
Brown Cow Sale price$35.00
Brown Horse (black eyes, red bridle, black mane)
Brown Horse (white blaze pattern, movable legs)Brown Horse (white blaze pattern, movable legs)
Camel (dark tan)
Camel (dark tan) Sale price$35.00
Carnotaurus (spots pattern, 2018)
Cat (Friends, sitting, white patches)Cat (Friends, sitting, white patches)
Dark Bluish Grey Shark (old style, no gills)
Dark Bluish Grey Shark (old style, with gills)
Dark Bluish Grey Shark (printed eyes, gills)
Dark Green Alligator
Dark Green Alligator Sale price$3.00
Dark Orange Squirrel (brown eyes, Friends)
Dark Tan Rat
Dark Tan Rat Sale price$2.00
Dog (Friends, standing, lavender splotch pattern)Dog (Friends, standing, lavender splotch pattern)
Elephant (small tusks, 2021)
Green and Lavender Chameleon
Grey Hamster
Grey Hamster Sale price$2.00
Hungarian Horntail
Hungarian Horntail Sale price$125.00
Indoraptor Sale price$70.00
Light Aqua Baby Dolphin (Friends)
Light Gray Horse (dark gray spots, covered eyes)
Lion (reddish brown mane)
Lion (reddish brown mane) Sale price$15.00
Medium Nougat Bulldog (white muzzle, blue collar)

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