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Aksh (Prince of Persia)
Aksh (Prince of Persia) Sale price$8.00
Baryonyx (dark bluish gray with dark blue spots, 2019)
Bird (Friends, purple patches)Bird (Friends, purple patches)
Black Dachshund (brown spots on face)
Black Hamster with White Spots (Friends)
Black Horse (black eyes circled white)
Black Mutant Lizard with blue spotsBlack Mutant Lizard with blue spots
Black Mutant Lizard with yellow spotsBlack Mutant Lizard with yellow spots
Black Skeleton Horse
Black Skeleton Horse Sale price$10.00
Blue (2018)
Blue (2018) Sale price$20.00
Brown Bear
Brown Bear Sale price$20.00
Brown Cow
Brown Cow Sale price$35.00
Brown Horse (black eyes, red bridle, black mane)
Brown Horse (white blaze pattern, movable legs)Brown Horse (white blaze pattern, movable legs)
Carnotaurus (spots pattern, 2018)
Cat (Friends, sitting, white patches)Cat (Friends, sitting, white patches)
Celestial Dog (black with gold and silver markings, Monkie Kid)
Churro (large cat, sitting, white with orange markings, Friends)
Dark Bluish Gray Cat (standing)
Dark Bluish Grey Shark (printed eyes, gills)
Dark Orange Dachshund with neon-yellow wheelchair harness (Friends, black wheels)
Dark Orange Mutant Lizard with yellow spotsDark Orange Mutant Lizard with yellow spots
Dark Orange Squirrel (brown eyes, Friends)
Dog (Friends, standing, lavender splotch pattern)Dog (Friends, standing, lavender splotch pattern)
Dolores Umbridge’s Patronus (trans-light blue cat)
Hungarian Horntail
Hungarian Horntail Sale price$125.00
Light Gray Horse (dark gray spots, covered eyes)
Medium Nougat Cow (white spot on head, 2022)
Medium Nougat Hare (City, 2022)
Mo (medium azure kitten, orange bangs)