Our AMAZING Bricks & Minifigs Anaheim Employees

The heart and soul of our store comes from our amazing employees and all their hard work. If you love our store, you love these people. Learn more about them below!

Sam, store manager
This is our delightful manager, Sam! She is a yo-yo master, a disc golf champion, an animal-lover and creative gamer. She was our first hire and been with us through so much. If you love our store, you love Sam and her organization, knowledge, creativity, dedication and kindness. We’re so grateful for her!

Mauricio, web manager
Mauricio is our website manager and employee extraordinaire! He is dedicated, helpful, willing, knowledgeable and kind. The unique descriptions, pictures, product pages and management of our website are because of his hard work and talent. He also loves the color red and to collect LEGO® as much as our fans! We are so grateful for him and the care he takes in our store!

Josh, Star Wars Expert
Josh is an OG Bricks & Minifigs Anaheim employee and we would be lost in the galaxy without him! Our resident Star Wars expert, Josh shares his knowledge and ideas and jumps in to help solve problems. His favorite Star Wars character is Darth Revan and he wants to know yours too! Thanks for making our store more knowledgeable and resourceful, Josh. The Force is strong with this one.

Jack, Vintage & all things LEGO® Expert
Jack is our LEGO® encyclopedia extraordinaire! Jack is the kindest guy who is just ready to help. His knowledge and passion for LEGO shines, but he also loves anthropology and D&D, plus he’s super creative. We are so grateful for Jack!

Connor, Star Wars Expert + Certifying King
Connor is the newest member of our team, but he jumped in with two feet and we couldn’t be more happy to have him! Connor is originally from Northern California and is now an animation and VFX student at Chapman University. His love of Star Wars LEGO® was a key to his film obsession early in life. He’s cheerful, dependable and nice, also extremely helpful when an owner, say, drops a built Cinderella’s Castle? Ha. Thanks for being here, Connor! We’re so glad!

Daniel, Bionicle Expert
Daniel found us in our early days and was so friendly and persistent we had to hire him! Our resident Bionicle Expert, Daniel will bring joy and eagerness wherever he goes. Daniel is ambitious and we take him whenever we can get him; we couldn't be more happy that he is on our team. 

Justin, Star Wars Expert + Hip
Justin is not only our tallest employee, but definitely the most hip. He is always ON IT with the latest LEGO news and rumors, and he's so happy to share. He's on the FCC Men's Volleyball Team, loves movies and watching sports. He is super easy-going and a pleasure to work with. We couldn't be happier to have him on our team!