The universe of LEGO® minifigures is vast. The company produces hundreds of different figures in varied themes each year. Bricks & Minifigs is one of the few retailers where you can buy just the minifigure you want which may have been part of a set, as this collection contains. Or collect just the Series minifigure you want to add to your collection. At any given time our store carries nearly 2,000 different minifigures.


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Owen Grady (vest, wristband, 2018)
Claire Dearing (light bluish gray jacket, 2018)
Ian Malcolm (closed shirt, 2018)
Baturion (with shield)
Baturion (with shield) Sale price$40.00
Out of Stock
Alien Conquest Farmer
Alien Conquest Farmer Sale price$5.00
Out of Stock
Ice Cream Cone
Ice Cream Cone Sale price$4.00
Out of Stock
Dr. McScrubs
Dr. McScrubs Sale price$10.00
Out of Stock
Plumber Joe
Plumber Joe Sale price$5.00
Out of Stock
Biznis UnikittyBiznis Unikitty
Biznis Unikitty Sale price$9.00
Robo Emmet
Robo Emmet Sale price$6.00
Moana (red top, long skirt with feathers)
Pua (Moana, looking up, smooth spots pattern, 2022)
Out of Stock
Professor Albus Dumbledore (magenta robe, plain legs)
Ghost (Haunted House, white hood, white skirt piece, 2020)
Out of Stock
Birthday Clown
Birthday Clown Sale price$7.00
Stuntz Driver - WallopStuntz Driver - Wallop
Stuntz Driver - Wallop Sale price$5.00
Pan Sale price$6.00
Crust Smasher (helmet, red legs)
Royal Soldier (blue armor)
Out of Stock
Agent Solomon Blaze
Agent Solomon Blaze Sale price$5.00
Space Police Officer 6 (2009)
Ann Lee (no harpoon)
Ann Lee (no harpoon) Sale price$5.00
K-9 (Dimensions)
K-9 (Dimensions) Sale price$7.00
Out of Stock
Asoka Sale price$7.00
Princess Tamina (white cape)
Zombie Driver (Ghostbusters)
Janine Melnitz
Janine Melnitz Sale price$20.00
Louis Tully
Louis Tully Sale price$35.00
Dr. Winston Zeddemore (proton pack)
Dr. Peter Venkman (slimed, printed arms, proton pack)

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