The universe of LEGO® minifigures is vast. The company produces hundreds of different figures in varied themes each year. Bricks & Minifigs is one of the few retailers where you can buy just the minifigure you want which may have been part of a set, as this collection contains. Or collect just the Series minifigure you want to add to your collection. At any given time our store carries nearly 2,000 different minifigures.


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Colonel Hardy
Colonel Hardy Sale price$6.00
Mighty Micros Wonder Woman
Sold out
Wicket (hood with wrinkles, 2022)
Sold out
Darth Vader (type 2 helmet, spongy cape, printed arms, white head with frown, 2023)
Han Solo (Hoth, parka hood, tan legs with holster, pupils, 2010)
Sold out
Tauntaun (flexible tail)
Tauntaun (flexible tail) Sale price$20.00
Sold out
Griff Halloran (Star Wars: Resistance, helmet)
DJ Code Breaker
DJ Code Breaker Sale price$10.00
The Mandalorian Din Djarin (updated helmet, silver Beskar armor, printed head, 2023)
Sold out
Anakin Skywalker (young, aviator cap with goggles, gold belt buckle, smile / neutral, 2019)
Sold out
Anakin Skywalker (young, black eyes, aviator cap with goggles, 2007)
Sold out
Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars, dark brown printed legs, 2014)
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Minecraft Wither
Minecraft Wither Sale price$25.00
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Minecraft Charged Creeper
Minecraft Charged Creeper Sale price$20.00
Minecraft British Shorthair Cat
Minecraft White Sheep (2x2 brick on back)
Sold out
Minecraft Yeti
Minecraft Yeti Sale price$5.00
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Minecraft Ocelot Skin
Minecraft Ocelot Skin Sale price$7.00
Sold out
Minecraft Piglin (no armor, gold legs)
Minecraft Steve (medium azure helmet and armor, purple legs)
BR LEGO Minifigure (2013)
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Space Police Officer 1
Space Police Officer 1 Sale price$6.00
Sold out
Space Police Officer 11
Space Police Officer 11 Sale price$6.00
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Cannonball Taylor (Speed Racer 2008)
Sold out
Spritle Racer (Speed Racer 2008)
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Mighty Micros Doomsday
Mighty Micros Doomsday Sale price$6.00
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Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie, black wings with jet pack, clenched teeth / smile)Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie, black wings with jet pack, clenched teeth / smile)
Jack Davids (backwards cap, red jacket, open mouth smile / scared)
Santa Police Chief Wheeler (City, 2020)
Naida Riverheart (skirt)
Naida Riverheart (skirt) Sale price$5.00

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These gems are originally sold only in collectible blind bags. Bricks & Minifigs has an extensive collection of more than 700 series minifigures from the creative LEGO Series to Superheroes, Harry Potter and more.