The universe of LEGO® minifigures is vast. The company produces hundreds of different figures in varied themes each year. Bricks & Minifigs is one of the few retailers where you can buy just the minifigure you want which may have been part of a set, as this collection contains. Or collect just the Series minifigure you want to add to your collection. At any given time our store carries nearly 2,000 different minifigures.


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DC Series: Aquaman (1990s)DC Series: Aquaman (1990s)
DC Series: CheetahDC Series: Cheetah
DC Series: Cheetah Sale price$7.00
DC Series: Metamorpho
DC Series: Metamorpho Sale price$8.00
DC Series: Mister Miracle
DC Series: Mister Miracle Sale price$10.00
DC Series: Sinestro (First Appearance)DC Series: Sinestro (First Appearance)
DC Series: StargirlDC Series: Stargirl
DC Series: Stargirl Sale price$7.00
DC Series: Superman (Rebirth)DC Series: Superman (Rebirth)
DC Series: The Flash Jay Garrick
DC Series: The Joker (The Dark Knight Returns)
Disney 100 Series: Aurora
Disney 100 Series: Baymax
Disney 100 Series: Baymax Sale price$12.00
Disney 100 Series: Cruella de Vil & Dalmatian Puppy
Disney 100 Series: Dr. Facilier
Disney 100 Series: Miguel & Dante
Disney 100 Series: Mulan
Disney 100 Series: Mulan Sale price$8.00
Disney 100 Series: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Disney 100 Series: Pinocchio
Disney 100 Series: Pocahontas
Disney 100 Series: Queen of Hearts
Disney 100 Series: Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey
Disney 100 Series: Stitch 626
Disney 100 Series: The Queen
Disney 100 Series: Tiana
Disney 100 Series: Tiana Sale price$8.00
Disney Series 2: Anna
Disney Series 2: Anna Sale price$9.00
Disney Series 2: Dale
Disney Series 2: Dale Sale price$7.00
Disney Series 2: Edna
Disney Series 2: Edna Sale price$9.00
Disney Series 2: Frozone
Disney Series 2: Frozone Sale price$7.00
Disney Series 2: Hades
Disney Series 2: Hades Sale price$9.00
Disney Series 2: Jasmine
Disney Series 2: Jasmine Sale price$9.00
Disney Series 2: Louie
Disney Series 2: Louie Sale price$12.00

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These gems are originally sold only in collectible blind bags. Bricks & Minifigs has an extensive collection of more than 700 series minifigures from the creative LEGO Series to Superheroes, Harry Potter and more.