The universe of LEGO® minifigures is vast. The company produces hundreds of different figures in varied themes each year. Bricks & Minifigs is one of the few retailers where you can buy just the minifigure you want which may have been part of a set, as this collection contains. Or collect just the Series minifigure you want to add to your collection. At any given time our store carries nearly 2,000 different minifigures.


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212th Battalion Clone Trooper (orange arms and details, Phase II, 2014)
3 for $15 Random Ball Figs
327th Star Corps Trooper (yellow markings, 2007)327th Star Corps Trooper (yellow markings, 2007)
332nd Clone Jet Trooper (Phase II, helmet with holes, blue jet pack, 2023)
332nd Clone Trooper (Phase II, helmet with holes, 2023)
332nd Company Clone Trooper (Phase II, helmet without holes, 2020)
4-LOM Sale price$10.00
501st Legion Clone Heavy Trooper (blue visor, 2023)
501st Legion Clone Jet Trooper (no helmet holes, 2020)501st Legion Clone Jet Trooper (no helmet holes, 2020)
501st Legion Clone Trooper (Clone Wars, Phase II, 2013)501st Legion Clone Trooper (Clone Wars, Phase II, 2013)
501st Legion Clone Trooper (no helmet holes, 2020)501st Legion Clone Trooper (no helmet holes, 2020)
501st Legion Clone Trooper Officer (blue rangefinder, 2023)
501st Legion Clone Trooper Specialist (white macrobinoculars, 2023)
Aayla Secura (Clone Wars)
Aayla Secura (Clone Wars) Sale price$35.00
ACU Trooper (vest, cap, frown with cheek lines, 2015)
Admiral Ackbar (2009)
Admiral Ackbar (2009) Sale price$12.00
Agent Phil Coulson
Agent Phil Coulson Sale price$25.00
Ahsoka Tano (dark blue jumpsuit)Ahsoka Tano (dark blue jumpsuit)
AIM Agent
AIM Agent Sale price$4.00
Aksh (Prince of Persia)
Aksh (Prince of Persia) Sale price$8.00
Aladdin (gold filigree on vest and belt)
Aldrich Killian
Aldrich Killian Sale price$6.00
Alfred Pennyworth (black vest, 2021)
Alien Defense Unit Soldier 2 (dark bluish gray hips)
Alien DJ (Vidiyo)
Alien DJ (Vidiyo) Sale price$5.00
Alien Pilot (Alien Conquest)
Alien Trooper (Alien Conquest)
Amber Grant
Amber Grant Sale price$5.00
America ChavezAmerica Chavez
America Chavez Sale price$10.00
Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars, dark brown printed legs, 2014)

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